Apple’s AI shopping spree surpasses rivals Google and Meta.

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TLDR: Apple has acquired more AI startups than Google and Meta combined, with over 30 acquisitions in 2023 alone. The company’s focus on early-stage startups indicates a goal of identifying and investing in emerging AI trends. While Apple has remained quiet about how it plans to use these acquisitions, analysts believe the company is seeking a competitive edge and leadership position in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Apple has quietly been acquiring AI startups to enhance its AI capabilities. In 2023, the company purchased up to 32 AI companies, surpassing Google’s 21 acquisitions and Meta’s 18. This aggressive acquisition strategy aligns with Apple’s goal of staying ahead in the AI arms race.

Financial analyst Edith Reads suggests that Apple’s acquisitions give the company access to top-tier talent and innovative technologies, consolidating its position in crucial AI domains. By acquiring promising AI startups, Apple aims to secure a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Apple’s strategy involves acquiring early-stage startups, which allows the company to invest in emerging AI trends before its competitors. While it is unclear how Apple plans to integrate these startup technologies into its consumer products, the company’s acquisitions indicate ambitious plans for its future devices and services.

Although Apple rarely comments on the reasons for its acquisitions, analysts estimate that the company has been acquiring startups at a rapid pace of 2-3 per week. This relentless pursuit of promising young AI startups demonstrates Apple’s aim to lead the AI race in the coming years.

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