Biden’s AI order hailed as White House’s breakthrough in progress.

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  • The White House is highlighting progress on President Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence (AI).
  • A meeting was held with top officials to discuss how the government is trying to regulate AI and curb its risks.
  • Ashley Gold, a tech and policy reporter at Axios, shares insights on the government’s efforts.

The White House is pushing forward with efforts to regulate and address the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI), as President Biden’s executive order on AI progresses. The administration gathered top officials on Monday for its council on AI, three months after President Biden signed the executive order.

Ashley Gold, a tech and policy reporter at Axios, appeared on CBS News to discuss the government’s efforts in regulating AI. Gold explained that the executive order aims to tackle the risks of AI by establishing principles for promoting the use of AI in a safe, responsible, and trustworthy manner. One key focus is ensuring that AI is implemented in a way that respects civil rights, privacy, and fairness.

Gold also highlighted the White House’s emphasis on promoting public trust and confidence in AI technologies. The government aims to build awareness and understanding of AI among the general public, policymakers, and industry leaders, as well as encourage public participation in shaping AI policies and regulations.

In addition, the Biden administration is taking steps to address AI’s impact on the workforce. The executive order emphasizes the importance of addressing the potential displacement of workers due to AI technologies, as well as promoting AI-related education and training programs to prepare the workforce for the future.

The CBS News segment also discussed the White House’s efforts in collaborating with international partners on AI regulation. Gold highlighted President Biden’s push for global cooperation and coordination on AI standards and norms to ensure that AI is developed and used in a manner that aligns with democratic values.

Overall, the White House is making progress on implementing President Biden’s executive order on AI. The government is working towards establishing clear principles, regulations, and guidelines to ensure the responsible and beneficial use of AI while addressing its potential risks. By focusing on public trust, workforce impact, and international collaboration, the administration is aiming to shape AI’s development and deployment in a way that prioritizes privacy, fairness, and the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

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