Blue Ink Technology introduces innovative fleet tool for efficiency.

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  • Blue Ink Technology launches new dashcam for fleet management platform
  • Dashcam provides real-time telematics data, including weight readings and GPS location

Blue Ink Technology has introduced a new tool for fleets with the launch of the BIT dashcam. This dashcam is part of the company’s real-time telematics tools lineup, offering features such as dashcam footage, harsh driving alerts, vehicle weight readings, GPS location, and ELD data. According to Mike Riegel, operations manager at Blue Ink Technology, the goal of the dashcam is to provide an all-in-one platform that simplifies the management of fleet operations.

The BIT dashcam is designed to automatically connect to BIT air scale sensors, allowing fleet managers to access gross and axle weight data in real time. Its built-in cellular modem enables seamless data transmission to the cloud, providing visibility across the entire fleet. Riegel emphasizes the importance of data in enhancing trucking efficiency and highlights the dashcam’s role in addressing longstanding issues in the industry, such as truck scaling and weights.

Overall, the introduction of the BIT dashcam signifies Blue Ink Technology’s commitment to innovation in fleet management and telematics, offering a comprehensive solution for companies looking to streamline their operations and maximize revenue.

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