Branston QR codes bring product info to phones.

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Summary of Branston QR Technology Article


Key Points:

  • Branston introduces QR technology to connect consumers to product information.
  • Orca Scan GS1 Digital Link QR solution allows scanning on smartphone screens.

In an article on Packaging Europe, it is reported that Branston, a pickle, sauce, and beans brand, is implementing QR technology to provide consumers with access to recipes, allergens, sustainability information, and more. This technology, developed by Orca Scan and GS1 UK, allows consumers to scan QR codes on supermarket shelves with their smartphones to access relevant information.

The GS1 Digital Link solution, being the first GS1-approved solution to integrate with the GS1 resolver ecosystem, links each physical product to a unique home page on the internet. This enables brands like Branston to update and edit product information even after it has left the production line. Consumers can scan the QR codes without needing an app, making it convenient and accessible.

Branston plans to use this technology to share recipe ideas, ingredients, allergens, sustainability, and recycling information with consumers. They are one of the first brands in the UK to adopt this technology as the industry transitions from traditional 1D barcodes to GS1 Digital Link QR codes, with the deadline set for Sunrise 2027.

Sunrise 2027 aims to streamline packaging codes and provide a single, all-encompassing on-pack code to simplify consumer interaction. The technology has already shown success with brands like Ntsama, a chilli oil and sauce brand, which reported increased sales, re-order rates, engagement, and brand loyalty after implementing QR codes for sharing information with consumers.

Overall, the introduction of QR technology by Branston represents a shift towards more interactive and informative packaging solutions that enhance consumer experience and engagement.

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