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  • Dr. Beate Mueller-Tiemann, Chief Technology Officer at Cytiva, discusses her career in the pharmaceutical industry and her passion for technology.
  • Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services focused on advancing the development, manufacture, and delivery of therapeutics.

Dr. Beate Mueller-Tiemann, Chief Technology Officer at Cytiva, has dedicated much of her career to working with pharmaceutical giants. With experience at companies like Sanofi and Bayer, her expertise spans the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from early target discovery to commercial manufacturing.

At Cytiva, Dr. Mueller-Tiemann is focused on advancing technology and collaborating to bring new solutions to patients and improve health outcomes. She is particularly passionate about leveraging technology to accelerate the development and delivery of therapeutics.

In addition to her role at Cytiva, Dr. Mueller-Tiemann actively supports female talents through mentoring programs and is a member of FiDAR, an association working to increase the representation of women on German corporate boards.

The article emphasizes the ongoing work of Cytiva and highlights the importance of collaboration and technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Mueller-Tiemann’s perspective and experience shed light on the potential for technology to revolutionize the development and delivery of therapeutics.

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