Chief aims to open Hong Kong’s 3rd med school by 2027.

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– HKUST president Nancy Ip aims to launch Hong Kong’s third medical school by mid-2027.

– The medical school will focus on research and development with a graduate-entry bachelors program.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology chief Nancy Ip, plans to launch the city’s third medical school by mid-2027 with the first-degree students in various disciplines being targeted for enrollment. Ip confirmed the plan to the media for the first time after lawmakers unveiled the proposal last October. The university is working on drafting a blueprint and a budget for the medical school. While the launch date of the medical school will depend on progress, the present administration aims to have it launched before June 30, 2027. The medical school will have a graduate-entry bachelors program and will only target students who already have a first degree in various domains. The annual medical student intake is expected to gradually increase to about 150 students. The new dean of medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Philip Chiu plans to introduce artificial intelligence training into the curriculum to help students understand how to make good use of technology. While there are concerns about the proposed national security legislation affecting recruitment capabilities and foreign partnerships, Chiu believes that the political stability in Hong Kong will enhance development in scientific discovery, innovation, technological development, and clinical services provided to the public.

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