Davos 2024: Unleashing AI’s power beyond mere hype

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TLDR: AI was a major theme at Davos 2024, with sessions covering different aspects of AI and discussions on the risks and challenges it presents. Concerns discussed included turbocharged misinformation, job displacement, and the economic gap between wealthy and poor nations. The proliferation of deepfakes was a particularly discussed AI risk. While there is no foolproof method to detect deepfakes yet, their potential impact on democracy and society is a cause for concern. The conversation at Davos shifted from wonder to pragmatism, with a focus on making AI trustworthy. The article also touches on the concerns and skepticism surrounding Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the public perception of AI. While uncertainty remains about the future trajectory of AI, it is important to navigate the landscape with both prudent stewardship and innovative spirit to ensure that AI serves humanity.

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