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  • SwissP Defence AG has introduced innovative SWISS P Hybrid Case Technology (HCT) for military use.
  • The technology offers increased ballistic performance and reduced weight for soldiers.

SwissP Defence AG from Thun has launched SWISS P Hybrid Case Technology (HCT), a groundbreaking innovation that combines ballistic performance enhancement with improved logistics for military forces. The technology, which features a two-part case with a stable steel base and a case body made of materials like aluminum, brass, or plastic, enables up to a 50 percent higher projectile velocity and improved hit probability compared to conventional ammunition. This development is particularly beneficial for Special Forces as it reduces logistical challenges and enhances operational agility.

The HCT ammunition offers various advantages, including increased kinetic energy for better armor penetration, a flatter trajectory for more precise shots over longer distances, and reduced wind effect for improved accuracy in challenging terrains. Produced in calibers ranging from 9×19 mm to .375 SWISS P, the technology caters to a wide range of weapon systems used by military and law enforcement agencies. SwissP Defence aims to enhance the effectiveness and operational readiness of armed forces globally by developing cutting-edge ammunition technologies in collaboration with leading weapon manufacturers.

As part of Beretta Holding, SwissP Defence is known for its high-quality small-caliber ammunition and is committed to providing dependable products for military, police, and Special Forces worldwide. The introduction of SWISS P HCT Hybrid case technology is a significant milestone in the field of ammunition development and is set to revolutionize military operations with its advanced capabilities.

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