Harper technology powers high-performance silicon anodes.

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Harper Furnace Technology is enabling high performance silicon anodes for battery materials, offering higher capacity, faster charge times, and smaller carbon footprint. Harper has entered contracts for pilot and production scale equipment, with a focus on engineering solutions for the electric vehicle market.

High temperature thermal process solutions developed by Harper International are enabling production of high-performance silicon anodes for battery materials in 2024. Silicon anode material offers significantly higher specific capacity than traditional graphite anode materials, enabling higher power density, faster charge times, and a smaller carbon footprint than current batteries. Harper has entered engineering design and equipment supply contracts for pilot and production scale equipment with its USA-based customers, many of whom are funded in part by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. The Harper technology includes indirect electrically heated, continuous rotary, vertical and horizontal conveyor furnace systems for each customer’s unique thermochemical processes, providing tight control of process atmosphere enabling safe and reliable continuous operation. Harper is actively engineering the next generation of equipment solutions for these customers, whose commercial scale plants will require high capacity for the electric vehicle market.

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