Hoffman Estates high school students teach seniors tech skills joyfully.

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High school students from Hoffman Estates helped senior citizens in Schaumburg learn how to use technology, including devices and social media. The students volunteered their time to assist the seniors in navigating technology and connecting with their families.

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High school students from Conant High School in Hoffman Estates visited a senior home in Schaumburg to help the older residents learn how to use technology. The students, who are digital natives, helped the seniors with tasks such as face-timing, social media, and using smartphones and laptops.

The students set up a table in the lobby of the senior home and invited everyone to bring their questions. The seniors appreciated the opportunity to learn and connect with their families through technology. The students, in turn, gained satisfaction from helping the seniors and bridging the generation gap when it comes to technology.

Both the seniors and students found the experience beneficial, and the students plan to continue visiting the senior home regularly to assist with technology-related questions and issues. The initiative aims to help the seniors feel more comfortable and connected in a digital world that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

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