Is technology truly benefiting us all?

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  • The author, Dave Thomas, discusses his skepticism towards technology and his preference for traditional methods like using cash, checks, and interacting with cashiers.
  • He shares his frustrations with technology, such as credit card chip readers not working, difficulties with kiosks in fast-food restaurants, and the shift towards cashless transactions.

In his article titled “Is all this technology really helping everyone?” published in the La Mesa Courier, Dave Thomas reflects on his reluctance to embrace modern technology. Despite having friends and family who are tech-savvy, Thomas prefers to stick to traditional methods of payment and communication.

Thomas recounts experiences during a trip to Arizona where his credit card’s chip reader failed, causing frustration at stores and restaurants. He also discusses his displeasure with using kiosks to order food in fast-food establishments, highlighting the absence of cashiers to assist him.

Furthermore, Thomas expresses his concerns about the growing trend towards cashless transactions, citing instances where businesses only accept credit or debit cards, excluding cash as an option. He questions whether the shift to digital payments is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or a deliberate move by businesses to push consumers towards electronic transactions.

Despite the convenience and efficiency of technology, Thomas remains steadfast in his preference for using cash, writing checks, and seeking human interaction in his transactions. He emphasizes the importance of personal choice in adopting technology and urges readers to consider their own comfort levels with digital advancements.

Through his personal anecdotes and reflections, Dave Thomas prompts readers to rethink their reliance on technology and reassess the impact it has on everyday interactions and transactions.

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