Maine’s tech park sparks controversy: adverse environmental impact predicted.

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Proposed technology park in Maine could have a significant adverse impact on the environment, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation. Residents have expressed concerns about a lack of planning and communication from the project leaders.

According to an environmental notice bulletin posted by the Department of Environmental Conservation, a proposed technology park in the Town of Maine could have a “significant adverse impact on the environment.” That’s according to the Broome County Industrial Development Agency, or the IDA, who are leading the project. The project has been the topic of concern among residents in the past couple of weeks who worried there has been a lack of planning when it comes to the project. Residents have shown up to public hearings and demonstrated their opposition to the park, frustrated that they felt left in the dark about the agency’s plans.

The IDA said in response that development for the park was a lengthy process and it was working on its message but wanted to do so in accordance with the town and its stakeholders. 12 News reached out to the Executive Director of the IDA Stacey Duncan for more information about the environmental impacts and have not received a response.

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