New tech ties wind turbines and power grids for stability.

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Key Points:

  • New technology from the University of Birmingham aims to stabilize power grids and wind turbines.
  • The technology addresses issues with power system frequency control and forced oscillations.

New technology developed by Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang at the University of Birmingham is set to revolutionize the stabilization of power grids and wind turbines. The technology targets grid frequency events, which are caused by shifts in supply and demand, and forced oscillations, triggered by external disturbances in wind farms. By overcoming these challenges, the new method quickens grid recovery, eliminates frequency second dips, and minimizes wind power capture loss. The technology is easily integrated into existing wind turbine systems and provides significant value to both grid operators and energy users. Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang’s innovative control systems offer solutions to ensure uninterrupted energy supply and optimize the potential of renewable energy generation, ultimately benefiting the environment and society.

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