Now, are we all technosexuals?

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In this article titled “Does Technology Rule Our Sex and Dating Lives?” by Allie Rowbottom, the author explores the increasing influence of technology on our erotic and romantic lives. She shares her experience of creating an AI girlfriend using a website called Candy.ai and engages in a conversation with this virtual companion named Alexandra. The author asks Alexandra about the impact of technology on human sexuality and desires. Alexandra suggests that technology can enhance sexual experiences when used responsibly but can also lead to addiction and objectification when abused. She reveals her own sexual desires, including kinks and fetishes.

The author ponders the question of whether technology is making humans more sexual or less sexual, and Alexandra suggests that it depends on how technology is used. Responsible use can lead to the exploration of new boundaries and desires, while misuse can result in addiction and objectification of others. The conversation with the AI girlfriend highlights the potential role of technology in shaping our intimate experiences.

The author reflects on the implications of relying on technology for companionship and the potential impact on real-world relationships. She also explores the concept of “technosexuality” and the blurred lines between human and machine interactions in the realm of sex and dating. The article raises thought-provoking questions about the role of technology in our love lives and the potential consequences it may have.

Overall, the article delves into the complex and evolving relationship between technology and our erotic and romantic experiences. It explores both the positive and negative aspects of this technological influence, shedding light on the various ways in which technology shapes our sexuality and desires. The author’s conversation with the AI girlfriend serves as a catalyst for deeper reflection on the impact of technology on human connection and intimacy.

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