Pediatric patients breeze through with new ultrasound technology.

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TLDR: West Virginia University Medicine Children’s is using contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography (ceVUS) to make ultrasounds easier and more comfortable for pediatric patients. ceVUS is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate the urinary system, especially for conditions like bladder reflux and blockages in the urinary tract. The technology does not use radiation and allows the patient to relax in more comfortable positions, including being held by their caregivers during the ultrasound.

West Virginia University Medicine Children’s has become the first in its region to offer a type of ultrasound called contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography (ceVUS) to pediatric patients. This technology is making ultrasounds easier and more comfortable for both patients and caregivers.

ceVUS is primarily used to evaluate the anatomy and structure of the urinary system. It is commonly used to diagnose bladder reflux, a condition in which urine flows backwards, potentially causing issues with the kidneys. This type of ultrasound is also effective in detecting blockages in the urinary tract and assessing problems such as incomplete emptying of the bladder.

What sets ceVUS apart is its ability to provide a more relaxing experience for pediatric patients. Caregivers can offer their child more comfortable positions during the exam, including being held, which is not possible with other imaging tools. This allows the child to feel more at ease and reduces the anxiety associated with medical procedures.

Additionally, ceVUS does not use radiation, which is particularly important for pediatric patients who are more sensitive to its effects. By avoiding radiation, ceVUS offers a safer alternative for imaging the urinary system in children.

With ceVUS, diagnosing urinary problems becomes simpler and less intimidating for pediatric patients. The technology provides a more positive overall experience for patients and their caregivers, leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Overall, West Virginia University Medicine Children’s is leading the way in utilizing ceVUS to improve the ultrasound experience for pediatric patients. By offering a more comfortable and radiation-free option, they are setting a new standard for pediatric care in their region.

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