Potential US TikTok ban may disrupt activism on social media.

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  • US politicians debating legislation for TikTok ban
  • Thousands of Americans rely on TikTok for activism, resources, and income

US politicians are considering a ban on TikTok, which would force the Chinese parent company to sell the app or face removal from US app stores. This move could have significant impacts on the activism community in the US, as many individuals rely on the platform to share resources, stay informed, and even make a living. The BBC spoke to two influencers to discuss the potential effects of this ban.

The article delves into the importance of TikTok as a tool for activism, shedding light on how users leverage the platform to engage with various causes and reach a wider audience. By interviewing influencers who use TikTok to spread awareness and educate their followers, the article highlights the role of social media in modern-day activism.

Furthermore, the potential ban on TikTok raises concerns about censorship and freedom of speech, as well as the impact on the livelihoods of content creators who have built careers on the platform. The article underscores the complex relationship between technology, activism, and government regulation in the digital age.

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