‘Proof of Humanity’ Project partners with Polygon and Animoca Brands

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  • A new crypto project called Humanity Protocol, backed by the team behind Polygon, introduces a “proof of humanity” protocol using palm-scanning technology.
  • The partnership with Polygon Labs and Animoca Brands aims to create a user-centric ecosystem with decentralized digital identity solutions.

A new project called Humanity Protocol, supported by the Polygon team, is introducing a “proof of humanity” protocol using palm scanning technology. The project is a partnership between Humanity Institution, Polygon Labs, and Animoca Brands, aiming to create a zero-knowledge-proof, Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM)-compatible blockchain. This innovative protocol uses palm-scanning tech to verify users’ identities as real humans, similar to Worldcoin’s iris-scanning technology. By leveraging non-invasive biometrics, the protocol aims to provide a user-centric ecosystem for millions of users, promoting decentralized digital identity solutions.

The partnership with Polygon Labs and Animoca Brands will lead to the development of various web3-based applications, including games, decentralized social media, enterprise DeFi solutions, and more. The protocol’s testnet launch is imminent, promising a new era of digital identity verification and decentralized applications.

Overall, the Humanity Protocol’s innovative approach to identity verification through palm-scanning technology, backed by industry leaders like Polygon Labs and Animoca Brands, signals a shift towards user-centric, decentralized solutions in the blockchain space.

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