Revolutionizing retail with cutting-edge Generative AI technology.

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  • GenAI applications, also known as Generative AI, are gaining traction in the retail industry.
  • This Retail-Tech Landscape report highlights innovative GenAI technology providers in various categories.

GenAI, or Generative AI, is a groundbreaking technology that has its roots in decades of AI research. Developers and engineers have been working tirelessly to create applications that harness the power of large language models (LLMs) to make GenAI more accessible to businesses and individuals. Coresight Research’s Retail-Tech Landscape delves into the importance of GenAI applications and showcases innovative technology providers worldwide, offering solutions in audio, code generation, productivity, video, and more.

The report focuses specifically on startups—privately held tech companies founded within the last decade. Some of the companies featured in the report include 3DLOOK, Grammarly, Resemble AI, and Taskade, among others. The report also teases an upcoming Retail-Tech Landscape on GenAI infrastructure solution providers, which will include industry giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

For those interested in exploring more GenAI applications in retail, Coresight Research offers additional Retail-Tech Landscapes that spotlight innovators reshaping the industry. Subscribers can access the full report for in-depth insights into the growing role of GenAI in retail technology.

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