Small devices revolutionize powerful medical uses.

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  • Nanoscale and microscale 3D printing technologies have the potential to disrupt the medical device industry.
  • Universities and companies are at the forefront of developing these technologies for high-impact medical applications.

In the world of additive manufacturing, nanoscale and microscale 3D printing technologies are revolutionizing the medical device industry. Researchers and companies are exploring the frontier of nano- and micro-scale 3D printing for medical applications, with a focus on high-accuracy parts and less invasive procedures. Let’s take a closer look at the key players in this field and their impact on the future of medical care.

Among the universities leading the way in this field are Purdue University, where researchers have developed a way to rapidly 3D print complex nanoscale resin objects for bio-engineered scaffolding. Georgia Tech has also made strides with a light-based 3D printing technique to produce nanoscale metal structures more efficiently and cost-effectively.

On the corporate side, companies like Microfabrica are utilizing advanced 3D printing techniques for creating microscopic, highly precise instruments for medical procedures. Nanoscribe, a German 3D printing pioneer, is collaborating with scientists to create synthetic microvessels for regenerative medicine and drug discovery. Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has developed high-resolution 3D printing technology for producing medical devices like endoscopes and cardiovascular stents.

Other players in the field include Nano Dimension, focusing on additively manufactured electronics for wearable medical devices, and UpNano, a developer of high-resolution 3D printing technology for biocompatible structures in medical research.

Overall, these advancements in nanoscale and microscale 3D printing technologies are paving the way for a new era of precision and customization in medical applications, from surgical tools to implantable devices.

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