Unleashing E-band tech for mind-blowing space communication velocity

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‘Hyderabad-based XDLINX Labs Private Ltd. has partnered with Almagest Space Corporation to develop E-band technology for space communication. The collaboration will integrate XDLINX’s miniaturized space-grade E-band communication payload into the XDSAT-NS satellite, enabling ultra-speed broadband services in low-earth orbit (LEO).’

The partnership also involves Ananth Technologies Ltd., an India-based aerospace technology firm, and aims to push the boundaries of current space communication technologies in order to establish a global LEO two-way optically-connected satellite network. This network would provide high-throughput data services with unprecedented speed and capacity to meet the increasing demand for robust communication systems.

Rupesh Gandupalli, CEO of XDLINX, expressed pride in leading the initiative to exploit the transformative potential of E-band technology. The collaboration underscores the partners’ commitment to redefining the future of global connectivity and ushering in a new era of space communication.

Almagest’s CEO and Co-founder, Raghu Das, highlighted the strategic importance of the Elevation mission within the broader context of the company’s vision. The mission is the first step toward establishing a robust global constellation that promises to deliver high-throughput services anywhere in the world. Das emphasized the rapid acceleration of space-based E-band technologies as a response to the global demand for high-capacity, cost-effective data transmission solutions.

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