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  • Emerging technologies like AI could address global challenges but are concentrated in developed economies.
  • Four key actions needed: increase exposure to emerging technologies, build in contextualization, co-create innovation ecosystems, and develop bottom-up social practices.

The article discusses the global inequality around emerging technology and how it is concentrated in developed economies, leaving developing economies at a disadvantage. The author highlights the need for four key actions to address this inequality:

  1. Increase exposure to emerging technologies: BoP communities lack access to emerging technologies, so integrating them into the global value chain can increase exposure. An example is Karya, a startup in India that employs rural communities to build AI datasets in local languages.
  2. Build in contextualization: Technology needs to be contextualized for local settings. For example, in India, blockchain technology is used for agriculture with features that cater to local conditions like poor internet connectivity.
  3. Co-create innovation ecosystems: Developing economies need to collaborate in emerging technology development to overcome challenges. For example, a biomedical innovation ecosystem in India has led to the creation of low-cost medical devices through frugal approaches.
  4. Develop bottom-up social practices: Imposing technology hierarchically can lead to disengagement. Focusing on bottom-up social practices can create a sense of ownership. An example is the Open Healthcare Network in India, which engaged various stakeholders to develop digital tools for pandemic response.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of democratizing the development of technology by integrating BoP communities, contextualizing technology for local settings, and adopting a collaborative approach across stakeholders.

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