What’s Roku Inc.’s Latest Risk with New Technology?

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  • Roku Inc. faces new risks with the incorporation of AI technologies.
  • These risks include accuracy issues, biases, legal concerns, and brand damage.

Roku Inc. has disclosed a new risk in the Technology category related to the incorporation of AI technologies like generative AI into its offerings. This poses significant operational and reputational risks for the company. The use of AI can result in accuracy issues, biases, and potentially discriminatory outcomes, which may lead to competitive, legal, and brand damage. Additionally, the evolving legal and regulatory environment surrounding AI, particularly in areas such as intellectual property, cybersecurity, and data protection, could impose substantial costs and restrict Roku’s AI utilization. The company’s current mitigation strategies may not be adequate, potentially resulting in further legal or reputational fallout.

The average ROKU stock price target is $91.50, suggesting a 27.08% upside potential. Investors are advised to consider these new risks when evaluating Roku Inc. as an investment option.

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