Windows 11: Patch security without rebooting soon

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  • Windows 11 will soon introduce “hot patching” to install security patches without rebooting.
  • This feature will be enabled on X86-based Windows 11 PCs first.

Updating a Windows PC can be a hassle with automatic reboots, but Microsoft is bringing a solution with the hot patching method. This new feature, set to be included in the Windows 11 24H2 update, will allow users to seamlessly install security patches without the need to reboot their PC. Initially, this feature will be available on X86-based Windows 11 PCs, with plans to extend it to ARM-based computers in 2025. Microsoft is streamlining the update process, providing estimated installation times and over 150 new features to enhance user experience on Windows 11. By using technologies like Cumulative updates and Virtualization Based Security (VBS), Microsoft aims to patch security updates without impacting performance too severely. Overall, this innovation in update installation aims to improve user convenience and productivity on Windows 11.

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