3 ways cloud technology powers a smarter education era

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  • New technologies in the cloud are revolutionizing education by enhancing security, personalizing learning, and improving efficiencies.
  • Microsoft Azure plays a key role in transforming education through cloud-based solutions.

In a recent article published on Technology Record, Microsoft’s Brooke Daniel highlights three ways cloud technology can drive a smarter era of education. One of the key areas of focus is security and backup recovery, as more than 80% of malware attacks target the education sector. Cloud providers offer advanced encryption, disaster recovery plans, and automated backup and recovery services to protect critical data. Additionally, cloud technology allows for a better learning environment through AI tools like Microsoft Copilot, which helps personalize learning for students. Cloud technology also simplifies administration by improving efficiency and enhancing experiences through intuitive, collaborative applications and low-code tools.

Overall, cloud-based technologies are making IT easier and more secure for educational institutions, allowing educators to allocate more time and resources to help students thrive.

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