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  • China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism is accelerating the development of smart tourism through digital technology.
  • Immersive cultural and tourism experiences are becoming popular among Chinese tourists.

Digital technology is revolutionizing China’s tourism market, as seen in the emergence of immersive cultural experiences like the Yongle Encyclopedia-themed exhibition hall. This exhibition hall combines rich science fiction elements with digital technology to transport visitors through different historical dimensions. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in China has launched a tourism enhancement plan to create new immersive and smart tourism experiences utilizing technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.
The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have announced the first pilot list on cultivating national new spaces for smart tourism and immersive experience. Meituan and Dianping, Chinese shopping platforms, reported that “immersive” has become a popular search term for cultural and tourism products.
The surge in immersive tourism is driven by the integration of new technologies like the internet and virtual reality in the tourism sector, as well as the increasing demand for personalized and diverse tourism experiences. Experts believe that immersive tourism has significant room for development as it caters to the trend of in-depth travel and interactive leisure, providing tourists with unique experiences that combine knowledge and culture.

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