Climate scientist Mark Maslin: Tech is here for a greener, renewable world

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TLDR: Climate scientist Mark Maslin: ‘We have all the technology we need to move to a cleaner, renewable world’

According to climate scientist Mark Maslin, 2023 was officially the hottest year on record, and we are likely to breach the 1.5C temperature rise limit set by the Paris agreement in the next 12 months. Maslin warns that extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, wildfires, and floods, will continue to occur in 2024. He also suggests that 2024 could be hotter than 2023. Maslin is a professor of Earth system science at University College London (UCL) and the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Maslin emphasizes that renewable energy is essential for achieving a cleaner future. He believes that we have all the technology we need to transition to a cleaner, renewable world. Furthermore, he states that renewable energy will not only reduce carbon emissions but also improve air quality, which can lead to a decrease in asthma and chest infections. Maslin highlights the exponential growth in solar, wind, and EV battery technology as evidence of the potential for a clean energy future.

Despite alarming climate change statistics and the urgency of the situation, Maslin uses humor as a communication strategy to engage with wider audiences. He recently partnered with comedian Jo Brand in an online film to “translate” climate science for a broader audience. Maslin believes that by addressing the issue with humor and discussing positive solutions, people may feel more hopeful about tackling the climate crisis.

As the lead organizer of Love Your Planet with Al Gore’s charity, the Climate Reality Project, Maslin is working to bring together various stakeholders to accelerate the green transition. The project aims to foster collaboration between business leaders, politicians, academics, and activists to expedite necessary actions for a sustainable future. Maslin will host a Love Your Planet event on 14 February 2024, where discussions, panels, and talks will take place to explore strategies for a more sustainable world.

Maslin concludes by highlighting the positive signs, with 90% of the world’s economy committing to achieving net-zero emissions this century. However, he stresses that the transition away from fossil fuels needs to happen faster, and collective efforts from all sectors of society are vital in achieving a successful green transition.

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