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  • Technology is merging with art to create new experiences and push boundaries.
  • Art installations using advanced AI technology are being showcased in London, exploring nature and climate change.

The article discusses how technology is transforming the art world by introducing new tools and techniques for artists to create and experience art. Through the use of digital tools, artists are able to explore new mediums and possibilities for creativity. The integration of technology and art has historically driven artistic movements and pushed the boundaries of creative expression.

Recently, the World Economic Forum commissioned two major art installations that leverage advanced AI technology. The artworks, titled Artificial Realities: Coral and DATALAND: Rainforest, explore the intersection of art, technology, nature, and climate change. The use of Stable Diffusion AI model in Artificial Realities: Coral generates abstracted coral images based on a dataset of 5 billion coral images. This artwork combines science, technology, and visual arts to explore the impact of climate change on coral reefs.

Similarly, DATALAND: Rainforest is an AI-based installation that creates a large nature model using a vast dataset of nature-related images and sounds. This immersive and data-driven artwork offers a dynamic platform for exploring and understanding ecosystems, highlighting the delicate balance of nature and the importance of conservation and sustainability.

The collaboration between artists and technology pioneers like Refik Anadol is redefining the boundaries of artistic expression and offering new perspectives on environmental issues. By blending art and technology, these artworks not only showcase innovative uses of AI but also challenge perceptions and inspire change in how we interact with our natural world.

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