Phillips launches new LumiGuide 3D imaging technology in Europe and USA.

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  • Phillips’ LumiGuide technology is now available in Europe and the USA
  • LumiGuide uses light reflected along an optical fibre inside a guidewire to generate 3D, high-resolution, color images of devices inside a patient’s body

The article discusses the availability of Phillips’ LumiGuide technology in Europe and the USA. LumiGuide, also referred to as a ‘human GPS’, uses light reflected along an optical fiber inside a guidewire to provide 3D, high-resolution, color images of devices like catheters inside a patient’s body in real-time. This technology, powered by Fiber Optic RealShape (FORS), allows doctors to navigate through blood vessels using light instead of X-ray, reducing the reliance on radiation.

The development of LumiGuide was in collaboration with clinical partners and is initially available to specialized hospitals that perform complex aortic repairs. The technology has shown benefits in complex aortic procedures, reducing procedure time and radiation exposure. With over 900 patients undergoing procedures using LumiGuide, results have shown a significant reduction in procedure time and radiation exposure compared to traditional X-ray methods.

Geert Willem Schurink, who performed the first surgical procedure with LumiGuide, highlighted the quick and accurate artificial intelligence-based semi-automatic registration of the device during procedures. The navigation system provides physicians with real-time images and information to guide their devices through the patient’s body, enhancing procedure efficiency and confidence.

In conclusion, Phillips’ LumiGuide technology presents a significant advancement in imaging and navigation for complex endovascular cases, offering a radiation-free alternative to traditional X-ray methods.

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