Get better odds for pediatric appendicitis with Asep Medical’s technology.

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  • Asep Medical’s gene expression signature for sepsis can help assess the severity of appendicitis in children.
  • The technology distinguishes between simple appendicitis and perforated appendicitis, aiding in accurate diagnosis.

In a recent study, Asep Medical’s diagnostic technology demonstrated its ability to differentiate between simple and perforated appendicitis in children, offering improved odds for pediatric patients. The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, highlighted the gene expression signature developed by Asep as foundational to their AI-based sepsis diagnostic technology, Sepset ER. The research indicated that children with perforated appendicitis, a more severe condition, can be accurately identified by this technology. This advancement is crucial as prompt and accurate diagnosis can lead to timely and appropriate treatment, reducing morbidity and mortality rates.

The study’s results suggest that early diagnostics and management strategies for pediatric perforated appendicitis should be informed by underlying immune dysregulation and similarities to sepsis. Asep’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Dr. Robert E. W. Hancock, expressed optimism about the potential benefits of the Sepset ER technology in improving outcomes for children with abdominal pain. The development of this innovative diagnostic tool by Asep Medical Holdings Inc. is a significant step toward addressing the global issue of antibiotic failure and enhancing medical interventions in pediatric care.

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