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  • A technical paper on curvilinear full-chip inverse lithography technology with mask-wafer co-optimization was published by researchers at D2S and Micron.
  • The paper discusses the benefits of full-chip curvilinear ILT for VSB mask writers and its impact on mask and wafer at Micron.

In a technical paper titled “Make the impossible possible: use variable-shaped beam mask writers and curvilinear full-chip inverse lithography technology for 193i contacts/vias with mask-wafer co-optimization,” researchers at D2S and Micron explore the advantages of full-chip curvilinear ILT with mask-wafer co-optimization. This technology allows for full reticle curvilinear mask patterns without stitching errors and significantly enlarged process windows. The paper reviews MWCO technology, curvilinear ILT mask patterns written by VSB mask writers, and their impact on 193i process wafer prints. The study demonstrates the benefits of utilizing full-chip curvilinear ILT technology with mask-wafer co-optimization for advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Overall, this paper highlights the potential of curvilinear full-chip inverse lithography technology with mask-wafer co-optimization in enhancing mask quality, critical dimension uniformity, and process windows in semiconductor manufacturing.

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