Guard your data: Secure it in the Gen AI era.

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Data privacy is a major concern for organizations in the age of Gen AI, as AI adoption continues to rise. More than one-quarter of organizations have banned the use of generative AI due to growing privacy concerns and trust challenges. Building confidence in AI requires clear data governance policies with defined roles, according to Trevor Schulze, CIO at Alteryx. Data privacy is cited as the main reason why AI capabilities have not yet been deployed by 47% of data leaders. Businesses must defend against new potential threats posed by Gen AI, including the potential for super-charged phishing attempts. Protecting valuable data requires investment in the right solutions for cloud security and reliable connectivity, according to Samir Desai, VP at GTT. AI continues to be a game-changer in data privacy, but legislation must be pervasive enough to offer peace of mind while still allowing responsible parties to protect data. A Proactive approach to data protection is necessary, and organizations should delete data they no longer need and tighten security and privacy configurations. Taking these steps can significantly reduce the exposure of data.

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