Limar Global Tech: Revolutionizing Blockchain, MRHB’s Souq NFT Platform Licensed.

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TLDR: Limar Global Tech, a pioneer of Blockchain Technology Services in the Kingdom, has announced a license agreement with MRHB Network to localize MRHB’s Souq NFT platform for the Saudi Arabian and Gulf markets. This collaboration will advance blockchain technology in the region and aligns with Limar’s commitment to localizing blockchain network development and operation. The agreement also focuses on empowering local talent and businesses, as well as spreading ethical and culturally sensitive financial solutions.

Limar Global Tech, a subsidiary of Al Nahdi Aviation, has been instrumental in shaping the blockchain landscape in Saudi Arabia. The company provides certified training and job opportunities, contributing significantly to the Kingdom’s technological advancement and digital transformation.

Through the agreement, Limar has licensed MRHB’s Souq NFT platform to create an Arabic version tailored specifically to Saudi Arabian customers. The localized version will run on a private blockchain developed by Limar, ensuring compliance with the Kingdom’s regulatory frameworks and cultural nuances.

Limar’s commitment to providing certified training in blockchain technology aligns with MRHB’s vision of fostering inclusive and ethical financial solutions. MRHB Network, a pioneer in ethical decentralized finance, offers a range of Shariah-compliant products and services. By licensing the Souq NFT platform to Limar, MRHB Network is expanding its global footprint and reinforcing its commitment to ethical and culturally sensitive financial solutions.

The license agreement marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey. Limar Global Tech and MRHB Network are set to offer a unique platform that meets technological standards and resonates with the cultural ethos of the Kingdom.

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