Kismet Health: Revolutionizing Pediatric Care with Telehealth Access Enhancement

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TLDR: Pediatric Telehealth Startup Kismet Health Seeks to Improve Access to Care

Kismet Health is a startup that aims to improve access to pediatric care. Co-founders CEO Dr. Cierra Gromoff and COO Christie Sander started the business with the goal of creating a telehealth platform specifically designed for children.

Key Points:

  • Kismet Health seeks to improve access to pediatric care
  • Co-founders Dr. Cierra Gromoff and Christie Sander started the business to develop a telehealth platform specifically designed for children

Kismet Health is the first pediatric collaborative care technology designed for providers. It aims to boost patient engagement, streamline workflows, and improve clinical outcomes for children ages 0-18. The platform is designed to address the unique needs of pediatric patients, who require a custom solution tailored to their specific needs.

The co-founders have backgrounds in healthcare and the startup space. Dr. Cierra Gromoff is a Clinical Child Psychologist with over 10 years of experience, while Christie Sander has 15 years of experience in high tech and has worked at companies such as Apple, Nest, and Google.

Kismet Health currently offers its services to private/group practices, clinics, and digital health companies. The company plans to expand to hospitals, health systems, and government entities in 2024. It generates revenue through subscription services.

The company has performed a pilot study that showcases early clinical results and is collaborating with healthcare providers and facilities to produce a case study in 2024.

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