Microsoft partners with Mistral AI for European expansion beyond OpenAI.

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  • Microsoft partners with Mistral AI to expand in the artificial intelligence industry.
  • The partnership includes hosting Mistral’s large language models on Microsoft’s Azure platform and rolling out its ChatGPT-style multilingual conversational assistant “Le Chat.”

Microsoft has announced a new partnership with Mistral AI, a French start-up, in an effort to expand its presence in the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence industry. This includes investing in the 10-month-old company to help unlock new commercial opportunities and cater to global markets. Mistral’s large language models (LLM) will now be available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, making it the second company to host its LLM on the platform after OpenAI. Additionally, this collaboration will see the launch of Mistral’s ChatGPT-style multilingual conversational assistant known as “Le Chat.”

Microsoft President Brad Smith emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating that it marks a pivotal moment in terms of Microsoft’s technology support for Europe. The alliance aims to enable Mistral AI to train and deploy its next generation AI models on Microsoft’s AI data centers and infrastructure. This investment also includes funding for research and development, particularly focusing on AI models for public sector services in Europe.

Amid a backdrop of growing scrutiny and competition concerns, Smith reassured that Microsoft’s commitment to offering a diverse product range is paramount. The company’s investment in Mistral AI is viewed as a strategic move to promote technological innovation and growth within Europe. Other tech giants such as Google and Amazon have also been ramping up their AI investments, reflecting a broader trend in the industry.

Overall, Microsoft’s collaboration with Mistral AI underscores its dedication to fostering AI advancements in Europe while expanding its foothold in the global AI landscape.

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