Powertech Technology Inc. is a top choice for institutional investors.

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  • Institutional investors own 49% of Powertech Technology Inc., giving them significant influence over the company’s share price.
  • Ownership breakdown shows that the top 16 shareholders hold 51% of the company, with no single shareholder having significant control.

Powertech Technology Inc. (TWSE:6239) has caught the attention of institutional investors, who own nearly half of the company’s shares. This ownership structure implies that institutions have a considerable impact on the company’s stock price. With the top 16 shareholders holding a majority stake in the company, it is clear that there is no single entity with significant control over Powertech Technology.

While institutional investors play a crucial role in shaping the stock performance, it is essential to also consider analyst forecasts and insider ownership when evaluating a company. The current shareholder structure of Powertech Technology, which includes institutional, insider, general public, and private company ownership, provides a comprehensive view of who controls the company.

Overall, understanding the ownership dynamics of Powertech Technology Inc. can offer valuable insights for investors looking to make informed decisions about their investments.

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