Mobile tech and home broadband: the American way of connectivity.

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TLDR: The Pew Research Center conducted a survey to understand Americans’ smartphone and broadband adoption, finding that most adults in the US use the internet, own a smartphone, and have a home broadband subscription. However, there are still notable differences in adoption rates based on age, household income, and educational attainment. Differences also exist between racial and ethnic groups, but many of these disparities fade when accounting for other factors. Additionally, 15% of adults are “smartphone dependent,” meaning they rely solely on their smartphone for internet access, with lower-income households being more likely to fall into this category. Furthermore, 90% of US adults go online every day, with 41% saying they are online almost constantly. Younger adults, those with higher education and higher incomes, and urban residents are more likely to report being online constantly. These findings highlight the ongoing digital divide in the US despite widespread adoption of mobile technology and home broadband.

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