Taylor’s Swift Search? Blocked by X Due to AI Nudes

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Taylor Swift searches on Twitter/X have been blocked after a flood of pornographic AI nudes featuring the singer circulated on the platform. The White House has called for Congress to take action on the issue, expressing concern about the propagation of false and non-consensual intimate imagery. Congressman Joe Morelle, representing New York, is using the incident to push for the passing of a bill that would make the nonconsensual sharing of digitally-altered explicit images a federal crime. The original images depicted Swift in red body paint with Kansas City Chiefs fans, mocking her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Social media platforms, including Twitter/X, attempted to remove the images, but new fake images have since surfaced and circulated, making enforcement more difficult. Both Swift and SAG-AFTRA have condemned the images, and the union has called for legislation to control deepfake technology and protect individuals’ privacy.

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