Traditional wealth managers adapt as fintech rises.

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The rise of fintech is forcing traditional wealth management firms to adapt to changing client demands and expectations. Fidelity’s recent success in acquiring the Delta Airlines business demonstrates the need for established firms to offer innovative solutions. Fintech startups, such as Opto, Riskalyze, and Merchant, are partnering with traditional firms to provide personalized and efficient wealth management experiences using advanced technology and data analytics.

Moonfare, a digital wealth management platform, recently secured $15 million in funding, indicating growing interest and investment in fintech solutions that democratize access to private markets. CAIS, a digital platform known for its alternative investment offerings, continues to thrive by diversifying investment options in a turbulent real estate market.

Vanguard, a well-known player in the industry, launched a fund after a deliberate delay, prioritizing due diligence and risk management to maintain its reputation as a trusted investment firm. Traditional wealth management firms are also adapting through strategic acquisitions and talent hires, integrating fintech innovations into their service offerings.

The victory of Fidelity in securing the Delta Airlines business highlights the dichotomy between traditional firms and fintech disruptors. Traditional players must embrace innovation to remain competitive in an industry driven by technological advancements.


  1. What is fintech?
  2. Fintech refers to the use of technology in the financial services industry, disrupting traditional practices and introducing innovative solutions.

  3. How did Fidelity win the Delta Airlines business?
  4. Fidelity offered an undisclosed innovative sweetener, which played a significant role in securing the Delta Airlines business.

  5. What are some fintech startups mentioned in the article?
  6. The article mentions Opto, Riskalyze, and Merchant as fintech startups that have partnered with established firms to develop cutting-edge solutions.

  7. What is Moonfare?
  8. Moonfare is a digital wealth management platform that recently secured $15 million in funding. It focuses on democratizing access to private markets.

  9. How is CAIS different from traditional real estate investments?
  10. CAIS is a digital platform that provides access to alternative investment opportunities, diverging from traditional real estate investments.

  11. Why did Vanguard launch a fund with a delay?
  12. Vanguard’s delay indicates their deliberate approach to thoroughly assess investment opportunities before committing client funds. They prioritize due diligence and risk management.

  13. How are established wealth management firms responding to the fintech revolution?
  14. Established firms are making strategic acquisitions and talent hires to incorporate new technologies and tap into the expertise of fintech startups.

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