White House science chief hints at US-China alliance on AI safety.

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The White House science chief, Eric Lander, has signalled that the US and China could work together to establish rules and norms around the safe use of artificial intelligence (AI). In a speech at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Lander noted that while there is fierce competition between the two countries in AI development, he believes there is also an opportunity for collaboration on the responsible use of the technology. Lander stated that the US-China relationship has “the potential to shape the global future of AI, not just for our two countries, but for the world.”

Lander outlined three broad areas where collaboration between the US and China could be beneficial:

  • Setting norms and standards for the responsible development and application of AI
  • Advancing knowledge and understanding of AI through research and collaboration
  • Addressing the global challenges and risks posed by AI, including ensuring that the technology is developed and deployed in a safe and ethical manner

Lander’s comments come at a time of growing concern among policymakers and researchers about the potential risks of AI, including unintended bias, privacy issues, and job displacement. There is also increasing recognition of the need for global cooperation to address these challenges.

The US and China are currently the world’s leading AI powers, with both countries investing heavily in AI research and development. However, there are also concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in AI development in China, as well as the potential risks associated with the country’s use of AI for surveillance and social control.

Despite these concerns, Lander’s speech suggests that the US and China could find common ground in their approach to AI. Lander stressed the importance of shared values and principles in guiding the development and deployment of AI, such as transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. He also highlighted the need for international collaboration to ensure that AI is used for the benefit of all of humanity.

It remains to be seen whether the US and China can overcome their differences and work together on AI safety and ethics. However, Lander’s speech is a sign that there may be opportunities for collaboration in this area, which could help to promote responsible AI development and mitigate the risks associated with the technology.

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